Case Study

A common misconception about Solar PV is that your property has to be perfectly positioned in order to make it financially viable. It is true that for some properties Solar PV is not an option, but as you can see from our ‘Typical Returns’ examples, a Solar PV installation can be a viable and rewarding investment.

The Wood Family - Nr Lichfield

At first glance you might think that the Wood's house near Lichfield would not be viable for a solar panel installation due to the roof orientation and the potential shading from the tall trees in the well established garden. However, with some careful planning and by using two separate strings of solar panels, Carrino Eco has managed to maximise the earning potential for them.


What the Wood's family said:
"Carrino Eco have installed us a great system, we did our research on Solar PV installers and had various quotes, Carrino Eco stood out for us on: professionalism, value and quality thus we highly recommend them. We’re thrilled with the system especially as its outperforming what we were quoted, so not only are we getting a better return on our investment but also saving more CO2 too!!"  - Gareth and Zoe Wood, Lichfield

Solar Log readings for the Wood's family Solar PV System

Daily Reading
Our sophisticated PV monitoring system gives you real-time data and allows you to track the performance of your system.

The two strings of solar panels are monitored independently, the SE direction is reflected in its strong performance in the first half of the day.

Monthly Reading
As can be seen, despite the potential limitations of the site the system is performing well, in fact ahead of target.

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How does Solar PV work?