Make money from Solar Energy with a Solar Photovoltaic System

Are solar panels right for you?

With the Earth’s natural resources quickly depleting it’s important to look at alternatives. Solar energy offers a very clean and practical solution for powering the UK’s homes and buildings - whether a school, farm, business premise or hospital. Solar Photovoltaic (or Solar PV as it is also known) makes a lot of sense - both in terms of green energy generation and financial investment. Through the feed-in tariff (FIT) you will actually get paid to generate clean, green electricity via solar panels. So you get to enjoy free electricity and a tax free income while helping the environment. But ensure you choose the right solar pv installer. Carrino Eco is a fully qualified and accredited installer of solar panels and solar pv systems in Nottinghamshire - we cover Nottingham, Mansfield and the surrounding areas.

You don’t need a South-facing roof...

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a South-facing roof with a 35 degree pitch to benefit from solar pv panels. Even if your roof faces East or West, you can still generate free electricity and gain an income from the government’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT). We have some of examples of typical returns that you can expect for different roof orientations.

Free Solar PV Home Survey

We believe solar panel online surveys are not effective. Particular factors, including location, roof pitch, roof structure and external influences need to be considered in order to supply accurate quotations and estimates on financial returns. We prefer to be old fashioned and actually look at a property in person, which is why we are offering a free Home Survey to people in Nottinghamshire. Book your free Solar PV Home Survey now...

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Where do we install?

Carrino Eco installs Solar PV systems throughout Nottinghamshire. We are curently working in Ravenshead, Nottingham and Mansfield.


Generate Free Green Electricity

Generate Free Electricity at Home

And get paid to do so! You get paid the FIT for every kWh your panels generate. Not only do you get paid for the generation but you are also able to use this electricity free of charge.

  • Guaranteed for 20 years as part of a Government backed scheme.
  • Tax Free.
  • On average a 10%+ pa return for the full 20 years.

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Sell Electricity back to the Grid

Sell Electricity for a Tax Free Income

Generate a Tax Free income from your Solar PV system by generating electricity from solar energy and selling it to the grid.

  • Any excess electricity is automatically exported back to the national grid.
  • You receive a further export payment.

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Protect yourself from Fuel Costs

Save money on Fuel Costs

Protect you and your family from increasing fuel prices now and in the future with a Solar PV system installed by Carrino Eco. Why? Well because:

  • Fossil Fuel prices are increasing.
  • You generate your own free, clean energy.
  • You save money and help your environment.

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