Leighton PV Install, Nottinghamshire

Leighton family Solar Panel Install - Nottinghamshire

Customer: Mr & Mrs Leighton  Nottinghamshire

Install Notes: Mr & Mrs Leighton are in the fortunate position of a south facing roof with a 35degree pitch, and plenty of it. Given that they may also benefit from the extra windfall should the government loose its Supreme Court Appeal then they may be even happier than they were when we commission their system.

“Thanks again for a very tidy and efficient job” - John Leighton

PV Installation Specification:

  • Hilti Fixing system
  • Phono Solar 200W Panels
  • Power 1 Inverter
  • Manual on site monitoring
  • Roof, 35deg pitch,  south facing

Annual Return
Estimated rate of return approx 12.5%, payback approx under 8 years.

Windfall Return
Estimated rate of return 22%, payback approx 4.5 years

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How does Solar PV work?